Kurve Automation
– Authorised Distributor of
Universal Robots

Kurve Automation is automation company grown from a product design house where we engage design thinking process to come out with innovative solutions that addresses the entire customer journey that deliberate service experiential. Beside our in-house cross disciplinary team, we work with external consultant with specialty domain knowledge. For example working with a experience Chef to get insights into the properties of food and ingredient as well as cooking processes and ultimately proposing automation solutions as well as improved cooking processes to our F&B customers.

Our capabilities in product design and mass production has also helped us in our automation project when there is a need to fabricate jigs and customise cooking manufacturing tools. With a big network of prototypers, fabricators and system integrators both locally and overseas to work with, we are able to outsource to various fabricators to shorten our turnaround time and build large size automation line at very competitive price.

Nature of our Business

The nature of our business is to help SMEs to build new capabilities and increase productivity through the use of technology, design integrated solutions from front line to back end leveraging on ICTs, industrial automation solutions as well as robotics solutions. The demand for our business grew from the rising needs of business to increase productivity, competitiveness level and the need to focus on delivering higher value activities and enhance customer services.

Core Products and Services

Our core products and services is our abilities to innovate, design and build customize solution based on our customer’s needs. With a team of cross-disciplinary consisting of engineers, designers and business people couple with a good network of fabricators and system integrators, we are able to differentiate ourselves by designing full suite of integrated solutions from cashless POS system integrated to robotic food processing. With our experience working in a wide spectrum of projects from manufacturers to retailers in various industries , Kurve aims to productise our solutions by developing platforms that can be adopted by industry level.

Our team comprises of:

  • Industrial Designer
  • Product Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Robotic Engineer
  • IT programmer
  • Market Researcher


Get in touch with us!

We look forward to meet up with you to share with you in more details on our portfolio!




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